Corporate Education

Saint University is proud to offer corporate training and professional development seminars.

Courses on managing the politics of land use can be custom-tailored by University faculty to fit the needs of any industry or professional discipline.

No other institution is as well-versed or capable in this field of study; all courses are taught by land use experts with years of experience waging political land use campaigns.

Learn more about corporate education opportunities at Saint University.

Saint University Press

In 2009, Saint University Press released NIMBY Wars: The Politics of Land Use. The book, which has been called a "must-read for anyone involved in the land use process," outlines the strategies and tactics taught everyday at Saint University.

Saint University Press has several new volumes currently in development; the next will be released in mid-to-late 2010.

The Saint Consulting Group

Saint University is the educational wing of The Saint Consulting Group, the world leader in Land Use Politics.

The firm focuses exclusively on ensuring that clients’ real estate projects are approved and their market share is protected.

The unique political skills of Saint's staff, ongoing training and development, competitive corporate culture, and passion for winning are the foundation of the firm's success.